Christmas Store

Our annual Christmas Store serves families in our neighborhood and we would like to give you an opportunity to be a part of this ministry. First, we want to see kids who are involved in our Bible studies, tutoring program, summer camps, those who attend church with us, and those who we haven't met yet have the opportunity to receive some toys for Christmas that they might not otherwise receive. Our desire also is to have many from across the city be a part of this blessing. Second we want to offer the parents and guardians of these children a gift as well as the gift of dignity. Rather than us going around the parent and handing out the gifts to their children, we would love to give parents the opportunity to buy their own gifts (at an affordable rate) and have them wrapped for their children. This would allow them the chance to experience the joy that you and I experience in the provision for our own children.

Volunteers:No Limit. 3 So Far.
Volunteers Needed:No Limit
Volunteers So Far:3

Please help us by spreading the word and telling others.





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