I Am Active seeks to intertwine cause, communication, collaboration and movement by equipping individuals and organizations with necessary resources to live out and accomplish their unique, social and philanthropic activism goals. I Am Active believes that some of the most profound activism begins locally as a result of one's individual story. The goal of I Am Active is to provide a launch pad and sounding board to change what was once an oppressed identity of "I am," into a thankful "I was" and further transform and restore identity into a new "I Am." It is through this changing of tense that I Am Active developed its mission, which is to restore hope and produce sustainable transformation across the world by fusing together individuals, local grassroots, small and large scale organizations, and anyone interested in transforming their "I was" to "I Am" through activism. Such mission is fleshed out through highlighting individual stories, providing a website with user-friendly tools for creating and managing the often overlooked detailed aspects of activism and by creating an online community and expanding on social media outlets to maximize the creativity and effectiveness of those who desire to make a difference.


I Am Active (iamactive.org) is a custom project management website whose goal is to promote social and philanthropic activism allowing people the space and freedom to be artistic in action. I Am Active (iamactive.org) serves as a social activism hub-focusing on the details of action by aligning complementary skills, resources and equipment with passionate volunteers who can meet the need. Through the use of our interactive custom project management tools, users can create, market, organize and manage initiatives to accomplish their unique activism goals. Such features to be included are: event organization, fundraising, volunteer management, and an online community networking system to connect with those further along in their individual activism journeys. I Am Active (iamactive.org) has partnered with the successful social media networking website Facebook. This partnership allows users to log in to iamactive.org using their Facebook username and password thus fully integrating I Am Active's project management functionality with the full social networking capability of Facebook. I Am Active users are able to engage their existing Facebook social network to market the mission, spark interest and cultivate a global network of followers and passionate activists.


Through conversations with potential partners - individuals, globally touring bands, concert and event promoters, feature film projects, grassroots and international non-profit organizations, churches, and many others - all of which have shared compelling ideas and provided positive feedback, I Am Active has decided to revise its website development schedule. The iamactive.org website was originally scheduled to launch beta in the fall of 2010 and hard launch on January 1, 2011. With the understanding that this is a rapidly evolving website, I Am Active will build and release website features one at a time. This revised development plan puts I Am Active approximately three months ahead of the original timeline. To date, I Am Active has already released the core management platform. More importantly, this plan will allow iamactive.org to be tailored to the needs of new partner relationships as well as more easily refine the functionality of the website as demands arise.


Companies, non-profit organizations and churches all have built-in communities of skilled doers who are networked to promote change. By providing tools for managing the detailed aspects of activism, I Am Active enables individuals and organizations to maximize networking opportunities for unique social activism and in turn highlight inspiring stories of transformation. By leveraging individual social media networks and providing simple one-click applications for viewers to take immediate action, detailed analytics may be captured instantly. By creating multiple opportunities to connect with others who share likeminded passions and desires to creatively make a difference, iamactive.org has the viral marketing potential to quickly become a global change agent.

I Am Active is free of charge for organization and individual use. To bring in revenue, individuals or partner organizations will be charged a monthly fee for additional premium services such as volunteer management, inventory management, donation tracking, contact management, point of sale, private user community, volunteer screening, background checks, embeddable widgets and social marketing tools. Two iphone/ipad applications are currently being developed and will be sold through the iTunes app store.

For more information, please contact Nathan Elliott at nathan@iamactive.org or 904.382.2646

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